Dry Cleaners Insurance


Insuring through CNR Insurance:

We know Dry Cleaners!  We have been insuring them for a long time.  Our markets for dry cleaners are second to none.  After a loss is the wrong time to find out if you don’t have the right coverage.

Protecting Your Investment

Providing service for your customers is what your dry cleaning business is all about.  Your customers depend on your high quality standards.  Your store location is the hub of your business.  It’s where you work with your customers, store your records and house the equipment that keeps your operations running smoothly.

If a fire in your building shuts down your business for two months, would you want your insurance to pay for lost income and key employee salaries?  If that same fire damaged your customer’s clothing, would you want your insurance company to pay the replacement cost for each and every garment without regard to a limit?  Or what if that same fire caused a chemical spill?  Would you want your insurance to not only pay for the clean-up, but defend you as well if a liability claim were to arise?

At CNR Insurance, we offer customized protection like this using a handful of carriers that have proven they have the coverage forms and expertise to insure your Dry Cleaning operations.

Planning For Your Needs

Our carrier’s small business insurance packages have core coverages built right into them.  They also have bundled protection endorsements as well as stand-alone individual endorsements applicable to your Dry Cleaning business.  Here are some examples of coverages, endorsements and policies that we offer that are applicable to your operations:

  • Business Personal Property – Comprehensive coverage for your contents and tenant improvement & betterments
  • Business Income & Extra Expense – If an insurable peril shuts you down, this will provide the funds necessary to keep you in business during the down time.
  • Liability – Bodily Injury / Property Damage for which you are found legally liable for. Among other things, this includes your premises & operations liability protection.
  • Tenant or Fire Legal Liability – Protection if you are found responsible for a covered loss to your landlord’s building.
  • Medical Payments – Pays medical bills to claimants even when legal liability does not exist.
  • Bailees – Customer’s clothing coverage. True Unlimited / Replacement Cost coverage.
  • Off-Premises Utility Service Failure – When an insurable peril strikes utilities located off-premises which consequently affects your operations (loss of water, power, etc).
  • Bundled Additional Coverage Endorsements – An economically priced package added to your business owner’s policy that includes many of the additional coverage forms you need as a Dry Cleaner.
  • Increased Detached Sign Coverage – When you invest in signage detached from the building (road front, etc). This is the additional coverage you may need to insure it.
  • Increased Money & Securities Coverage – Additional coverage for losses to your to Money & Securities while on or off-premises (burglary / robbery, etc).
  • Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance (aka: pollution insurance): Many of the policies include:
    • Coverage (including defense costs) for 3rd party liability & both on & off site cleanup.
    • Additional Insured endorsements (Grantor of Franchise, Landlord, Property Manager, etc).
    • Limits from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 available.
    • Discounts for two or three year policies.
    • A comprehensive environmental inspection of your facility by a National Environmental Consulting Firm and available Loss Control Service that helps you maintain environmental compliance.
  • Umbrella Protection – Excess Liability Protection for a catastrophic loss that exceeds your underlying liability protection. These policies can usually sit over your general liability (not pollution), employer’s liability (worker’s comp), auto liability, etc…
  • Worker’s compensation – Medical expenses and lost wages for when an employee gets hurt. Or, when the family of an injured worker sues you.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance – Protection for actual or alleged claims such as sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to promote, etc. Many of the policies available include both 1st Party (employee to employer) and 3rd Party (employee to customer) liability protection.
  • Data Breach – Notification expenses, legal & forensic costs, services to impacted individuals, crisis resolution, optional data breach liability and more.
  • Contingent Business Interruption – When a supplier sustains a covered loss and as a result of that your operations are affected by loss of their product. Or, when an anchor store in your strip plaza sustains a covered loss, closes for a while and as a result of that you see a decline in your sales as fewer folks are frequenting the center.
  • Employee Dishonesty – When an employee steals from you.
  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto – Liability protection is afforded by this endorsement for your Company when you rent a vehicle or you send an employee out in their own vehicle and they have an accident.
  • Business Auto – Many store owners will buy or lease a vehicle in the Company name.  When this happens, it becomes a commercial automobile and requires a business auto policy.
  • Equipment Breakdown – Covers the financial losses (property damage, business interruption and more) that stem from accidents to equipment.


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